Birding in Siruela

Photography can be as rewarding as the hunt. The fauna of the region is remarkable for its diversity, nearly all of the 500 species of wild vertebrates described in Extremadura can be located at the Siberia . In Siberia there is a large number of birds species.

More than half of the provincial population of Griffon Vultures can be found at the rocks cut named ‘Los Montes’. Fewer nesting can be also found from Bonelli and eagles, Egyptian vulture, Peregrine Falcon, owl, Vulture, imperial Eagle, black stork…

Large number of aquatic birds, where we can find the common crane as exponent , can be equally found in large reservoirs throughout the region such as the swamps of Orellana or La Serena. The Orellana ’emabalse’ is a S.P.A. Area (area of special protection for birds), now from special conservation by law 8/1998, conservation of nature and natural spaces of Extremadura.

In the urban environment, a clear symbol of Extremadura deserves the distinction and that’s the white stork. In Siruela, white storks are regularly seen on the clock tower and the Bell Tower of the Church, both located in ‘Plaza de España’, just a few meters from ‘La Pajarona’. Other urban species enjoyed in Siruela are he owl, the airplane, the Kestrel bird lesser, the swallow and swift.